How To Find Interesting Contacts And Friends Via Snapchat

snapchat on a phoneNowadays, social media is such a huge part of our daily lives. We’re always on our computers or tablets or smartphones posting something exciting or maybe something that concerns our lives which we want the world to know.

We can judge the effect of social media on our lives by the fact that we have social media celebrities today. Yes, real people who’re famous since they have thousands of friends on Snapchat or Facebook or more than a million followers on Twitter.

This constant competition is what makes tech gurus come up with more and more amazing concepts. First, there was Facebook, which allows you do everything. Then came Twitter which compels you to express your thoughts and feelings in not more than 140 characters.

In this continuous struggle to do something exciting and innovative, entered Snapchat. Snapchat is a popular mobile application which lets you send pictures and videos, both of which will self-destruct after some seconds of a person viewing them. It is like the item didn’t exist at all.

You can take a video or a photo using Snapchat, then add a lens graphic over the top or doodle something on it, and send it to your friend. You can also add it to your story, which is a 24-hour collection of your videos and photos. You can then broadcast the story to your followers or the world.

Snapchat gained high popularity over time, and today, it has more than 100 million daily users. At first, the number of users on Snapchat wasn’t great since it was not user-friendly. However, Snapchat rectified this issue very fast and became one of the most popular and used apps across the world.

If you want to gain popularity on Snapchat, there is only one way, add more and more friends and share your stories and snaps with them. Here are three key ways to which you can add interesting contacts and friends on Snapchat.


Ways of Adding Friends on Snapchat

1. Phone contacts

The easiest way of adding friends on Snapchat is by using the contacts in your smartphone. Just tap the Ghost button at the top of the Snapchat camera screen, this will open your Snapchat profile screen.

By using this technique, Snapchat scans your phone’s contact list, and you’ll find individuals who have associated their cell phone numbers with their Snapchat account. It isn’t compulsory that everyone who uses Snapchat must a phone number linked to their account. snap app

You can only find other users who have enabled this feature on their Snapchat accounts.

To know which of your contacts use Snapchat, click on “My friends” at the bottom of your screen. It’ll open your existing Snapchat list of friends. You will see a tab known as contacts.

When you tap on that particular tab, it’ll display a list of individuals in the contacts of your phone who have their phone numbers linked with their Snapchat accounts. Scroll through that list and just tap “Add” to add anyone you wish to be friends with on the Snapchat.

These people will receive a notification that you have added them, and they can view your stories and snaps. Your friends can also add you back if they want to share their stories or snaps with you. When you scroll to the bottom of this list, you’ll find the people who don’t use Snapchat, and you can invite them to use the app. Snapchat only matches friends based on the phone numbers. It doesn’t match by email address, name, or other social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter.


2. Using a URL

One of the easiest ways of adding friends on Snapchat is by using their Snapchat URL. A URL looks like “” You can ask your friend to send you their Snapchat URL via email or text.

Once you click the link on your smartphone, their Snapchat profile will automatically open in the app. Then, you just tap on “add friend” and the individual will be one of your Snapchat friends. Also, your friend will receive a notification saying that you’ve added them. Thus, they can just add you back and enjoy all your impressive snaps and stories.

Wondering how you can share your profile URL with your friends? Well, it’s simple. Tap the ghost button to open your Snapchat profile screen. Next, you tap “Add Friends” and “Share Username”. Then, choose how you wish to send the link to your friend. You can send it via email, or as a text. Also, you can post it to your social media apps by choosing the app you prefer from the list.


3. By Username

Perhaps, this is the most preferred way Snapchatters use to add their friends. You can’t lookup someone on Snapchat using their real name or their email address. The only way of searching a user snapchatperson who uses this fantastic social media app is by knowing their username.

When you provide your username to someone, ensure it’s the correct one, since Snapchat has two distinct names, Usernames, and Display names. The Username is the permanent account name of the user. It’s the one which can be used to add someone. The Display name is the name which appears first to other people, and one can change it. However, it can’t be used to add a friend.

Once you have this username, you just tap the Ghost button at the top of the Snapchat camera screen. You will then see your display name, username, Snapcode, and Snapchat score. Next, you tap on “add friend” then choose “add by username” in the user search.

Type the full username here; Snapchat doesn’t search partial usernames and provide suggestions. Once you have found the person, you want to add, just tap on “Add” button next to the user. Now, your friend will get a notification, and he or she can add you back.

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